Late Great Chevy Champion Restorations

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Late Great Chevy Champion Restorations

Today we show off some great Chevy restorations with Champion Radiators in them!

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Chevy 1958-1996:

Your Chevrolet can get hot…really hot. Bumper to bumper traffic, blistering summer days, and daily driving can add up. The factory copper and brass radiators were barely satisfactory at transferring heat which is why Chevys will overheat. Why take chances with your valuable Chevy engine? Champion Aluminum Radiators from Eckler’s Late Great Chevy provide outstanding performance at an exceptional value. Aluminum is a far superior to the original copper and brass because it dissipates heat and cools down much more quickly. That means better protection for your investment. Champion’s aluminum radiator is 50-75% lighter than your factory copper and brass radiator unit and cools up to 40% better. Plus, the incredible price makes this Champion radiator an exceptional value. Trust Eckler’s Late Great Chevy for all your restoration and performance parts.

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