Connecting Rods And Rod Bearings

Removal and replacement of connecting rods and rod bearings Time: 3 hours Tools: standard socket set, rubber mallet, crankshaft socket, breaker bar, feeler gauge Cost: approximately $50 for bearings and supplies Tinware: quality set of rod bearings, Plastigage, 3/8”rubber hose Tip: To avoid scratching or damaging the cylinder walls when removing or installing piston and […]

Distributor: HEI Conversion

Distributor: HEI conversion Time: 2 hours Tools: standard wrench set, flat-blade and/or Phillips screwdriver, wire strippers/crimpers Cost: varies by manufacturer- approximately $175-$400 Tinware: HEI distributor (new, rebuilt, or used), HEI ignition lead connector, HEI style plug wires Tip: Label or mark the location of your spark plug wires on the distributor cap for fast, easy […]

Installing New Seat Upholstery

Time: varies depending on number of seats and style, plan on at least 2 hours Tools: standard wrenches, hog-ring pliers, flat-blade screwdriver, needle-nose pliers (optional) Cost: anywhere from $500 and up, approximately Tinware: upholstery, hog-rings and pliers, seat foam padding (optional) Tip: Before installing new vinyl seat covers, lay them out in the sun to […]

Water Pump and Pulley Install

Water Pump and Pulley Install Time: 2 hours Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches, gasket scraper, long screwdriver or pry bar Cost: approximately $50-$150 for the pump, $25-$50 for the pulley Tinware: new performance water pump and gaskets (supplied), deep-groove water pump pulley (optional). Tip: never reuse old coolant. Over time it can chemically breakdown […]

Fuel Tank Install

Note – our project car here is a 1969 Chevelle. For your convenience, we’ve listed the 1961-64 Chevrolet part numbers. You can easily look up your specific year Chevrolet’s part numbers at This is our “before” shot– ugly, smelly, drastically in need of improvements! Let’s get at it… Although you could probably accomplish this […]

Bodywork: Filling And Sanding

Bodywork: Filling And Sanding Time: varies depending on the size and extent of the damaged area or area that needs modification Tools: block sander, grinder, air compressor (recommended) ball peen hammer (optional) Cost: supplies typically run about $100 for filler, sandpaper, and miscellaneous items listed in “Tinware” Tinware: filler and hardener, sandpaper (36, 80, 150, […]

Front Disc Brake Upgrade

Installing front disc brakes Time: 3-5 hours Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches, floor jack and jackstands, rubber mallet, ball joint separator or pickle fork, mini sledge Cost: will vary depending on the components used; typically anywhere between $500-$1500 Tinware: disc brake kit, wheel bearing grease, brake fluid, brake cleaner, small rubber hose, “catch” container […]

Installing a Rear Sway Bar

Installing a rear sway bar Time: 1 hour Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches Cost: $175-200 Tinware: rear sway bar, sway bar mounting kit (includes bolts, washers, and necessary spacers) Tip: Always be patient and take your time when measuring pieces for drilling. The correctly achieved results are well worth the extra steps. Performance gains: […]

Installing A High Performance Front Sway Bar

Time: 1 hour (approximately) Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches Cost: approximately $175-200 Tinware: front sway bar, new sway bar bushings, new sway bar end links (recommended), lubrication grease Tip: Before removing anything from the car, take note of the sequence of the bushings in relation to the lower control arm and the sway bar. […]

Carpet Installation Know-How

Installing new carpet and sound deadener Time: several hours Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches, Phillips screwdriver, scraper, utility knife, scissors, heat gun (recommended) Cost: approximately $350-$500 for sound deadener, $200 for carpet Tinware: carpet, floor pan sound deadener, spray adhesive Tip: After purchasing a new carpet kit, remove the pieces from the box and […]