2015 Ridler Award Winner

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2015 Ridler Award Winner

From Yahoo/Autos…

America’s Hottest Hot Rod!

Detroit Autorama 2015

Chip Foose-designed 1965 “Imposter” Chevy Impala that won last year’s Ridler award, owned by Don Voth during the 63rd annual Autorama in Detroit.

The Impala is actually a 2008 Corvette, bought new by the Voths, with body panels massaged by Foose into an Impala lookalike.

The Imposter has the Corvette’s stock engine, but the frame was stretched 8 inches. The Impala body was shortened 14 inches.

Foose said Don Voth and his wife Elma drove a 1965 Chevrolet Impala SS on their honeymoon, and wanted to remember that car with one that handled like a modern Vette.

One-off custom 20-inch wheels on the Imposter.

The Corvette electronics, including OnStar, still work in the interior.

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